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(Need for speed payback best racing game all time. Another is fbi most wanted, heat, payback, rivals, underground and nfs series. Check all racing games here.) Fortune Valley needs speed payback set in an open world environment; A fictional version of Las Vegas, Nevada. It focuses on “action driving” and works together with three playable characters (each with a different set of skills) to turn off action movies like sequences. Unlike the previous game, it features a 24-hour day-night cycle. [2] In contrast to the 2015 speed reboot requirement, the payback includes an offline single player mode [3]

Speed ​​Requirement: Payback has a total of 74 cars with downloadable content features Toyota, Sion and Ferrari do not appear in the game due to licensing. However, Subaru BRZ appeared in the game. Aston Martin, Audi, Buick, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Land Rover, Mercury, Mini, Pagani and Plymouth returned from the 2015 installment after their absence, and Alfa Romeo, Infinity, Mini and Pontiac were added via downloadable content.


Tyler “Tie” Morgan (Jack Darges), Shawn “Mac” McAllister (David Azala), and Jessica “Jess” Miller (Jessica Madsen) are part of a crew of Silver Rock in Fortune Valley with their friend and mechanical Rabindra “Raw” Chowdhury (Ramon) Tikaram). After a friendly race between them, Tyler’s childhood identity and fixer Lina Navarro (Dominic Tipper) come up with a job for them: Marcus “The Gambler’s” ware steals a valuable Koenigsegg reggae with some high-level technology inside. Tyler, posing as a test driver, successfully steals the car and avoids the police. However, when he reached the drop point, he saw that Rao had dropped out. Lina appeared and revealed that she had set up Tyler and his crew to read the stolen car, and at the mercy of the incoming police force, she fled. Tyler takes the police away from his crew and rushes to Gambler, who claims to want his car back. Learning that Lina had betrayed the two men, Ware became angry and decided to leave to arrest Tyler, but changed his mind and asked him to come with her to save her from arrest.

Six months later, Tyler is working as a wear wallet. When he drove his car to his casino, Tyler spotted Lina Fire threatening to hand over the casino to the cartel The House, which controls the underworld in the Future Valley. Tyler considers going behind him but Weir advises him to say goodbye to his time. Disappointed by the lack of progress, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Contacting House as a racer, he entered a race and won, although Lena tightened the competition for profit. Lina tries to get him out, but fails.

Ware proposes a way to land House and Lina side by side with Tyler. As Tyler enters and wins “The Outlaw’s Rush”, the country’s top racers will take part in this huge street racing event, which the House plans to rigorously plan for their own program. Tyler initially refused, but when Lina blew up his house as a warning, he decided to accept Ware’s offer and bring his crew back together.

Since the failed mission, Mac Rock has hit the bottom, and the Internet has agreed to learn how the famous “hashtag” will flow. Rao decides to be legal as a mechanic, and Jess, after a job on his own, now works as a driver for Silver Rock Criminal Underground. However, they agreed to meet and listen to Tyler’s plans to bring down The House.

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Need for Speed Payback best racing game all time See all series

In order to get into The Outlaw, Tyler and Mack must be accepted to run in the Fortune Valley Street Leagues. Meanwhile, Jess delivers several escorts and couriers inside the house for just one woman known as the broker. Tyler won against La Katrina and his league, Gravard Shift, and challenged and won against Maud Judo Roth and his league against3. They then get a chance to perform a hit, reclaiming Weir’s Kenigseg and giving it back to him.

Tyler and Mack then challenged the Big Sister and his league, Riot Club and Underground Soldier and his league shift lock to two leagues. Jess learns that Lina is paying the police and the racer the same amount to bid whenever she needs to, and learns that she and the crew are on the Watch List of Police and The House. He also learns that they are planning to bring something to a town called Skyhammer and that it will be effective soon.

Later, Tyler was contacted by La Katrina for a rematch, but on arrival he saw Mac and Jess there, who had been called there on various pretexts. Realizing they had been set up by Navarro, three policemen retreated. During the chase, Skyhammer was unveiled as an EMP killswitch placed on the helicopter, capable of slowing or stalling a car if concentrated for long periods of time after activation. Three helicopters were able to land and escape from the police.

Exiled again by The House, Tyler and Mac continue their efforts to forge alliances against The House by taking on three more leagues: Tyler’s childhood friend “Gallo” Rivera led by Aki Kimura, Silver Six led by Noise Bomb, Need for Speed: Prostrate), and Free Free Amber Militia it led by Zone

Jess, now inside The House, is continuing his Intel gathering about House activities for brokers. He learned of two gold-plated cars, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and a Lamborghini Aventador, illegal technology that the head of the house, the collector, was displaying and planned to steal them with Tyler and Mac, however, Navarro and the collector guessed it. Bombed. In an intense pursuit of the police, Mack, Tyler and Raw cars drove out of town using a half-truck. After blocking several roads, Tyler and Rao detonated the bomb, threw it into the police car following them, and confirmed their escape.

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Need for Speed Payback best racing game all time See all series

Jess secretly goes back and learns more about the house’s activities with the help of an underground soldier who blows up his cover and goes under him. Still, Jess manages to get the data to the broker, where he learns that the collector is just a garden and something known as arcurite. Meanwhile, Tyler and Mack’s fight against the final three leagues: Mitko Vasilyev’s Diamond Block, Holtzman’s Hazard Company and Natalia “Supernava” Nova’s One Percent Club, are all in the House’s payroll. After the win, Tyler and his crew learned that they had successfully turned it into an outlaw.

Knowing that Navarro could do something to prevent them from winning, Raw equipped the cars with countermeasures that prevented them from being hit by the Kills switch, which was also placed in several police cars. Tyler decided to run both off-road and off-road. During the leg of the road, Navarro sends the owners of his payroll league to stop him, but they all fail. During the off-road leg, Navarro tries to send police after Tyler, but he and Mack intervene by creating multiple confusions across the Fortune Valley, evacuating police, and lowering chased units. Tyler

With no alternative, Navarro decided to fight Tyler himself. During the race, the collector called Taylor and offered him a replacement, persuading Nairo to lose the competition as his lieutenant, but he refused. Tyler eventually won the Outlash Rush for Silver Rock. Navro then leaves and the collector tells him to call that he has finished working for him and the collector thugs surround him while the collector is running away. Kruti ends up deciding to run into each other’s house

In a credit post scene, Mr. Kobashi, a customer who drove, called Ware and told him to work on his gambling, and the collector was finished. He greets Ware in the above archive and Ware is satisfied and hangs up.

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