Need For Speed Underground : Best racing game all time


Need For Speed Underground

(Need for speed payback best racing game all time. Another is fbi most wanted, heat, payback, rivals, underground and nfs series. Check all racing games here) Circuit is a standard race that involves driving a loop or more with about three opposing cars around a loop track and this is the main mode of the game. For the last 4 races of the underground mode, the number of players decreased to only 1 opponent, and the number of laps reached seven (patiently).The knockout mode is similar to the previous requirement of motion titles, and involves the “out” of the latest racer who passes the refereeing line until the final leader of the competition and wins the race. Knockout sessions In the underground have a maximum of three laps for four racers.

Sprint mode is a variant of circuit mode, where competitors participate in point-to-point tracks instead of loop tracks. These races are usually shorter than the “circuit” (with a maximum length of 8 km), so players need to be more careful about any mistakes during racing, such as obstacles or crashes in vehicles. The most challenging and technical aspect of drifting game. Drift mode consists of a player with a short loop track, where the objective is to collect as many points as possible by moving the track. The player competes with three more competitors, who collect scores with the player during the drift session. Players must lose these scores to gain top positions.

Bonuses are awarded to players who have flown, vertically flowed, or chained-flowed to the outer boundary of the track (running continuously while outdoors to maintain speed); If the player succeeds in ending a flow without any collision on the side of the track, the collected points are added to the score, otherwise, the collected points are discarded.
Drift mode is the only type of race where the track does not take time to complete, as players are given the freedom to complete the allotted number laps at their own pace. This may explain the absence of nitrous oxide in this mode, since it does not serve any apparent purpose in this situation.

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Need For Speed Underground : Best racing game all time

The second most technical form of race in a drag racing game. It usually involves racing against one or three cars on straight tracks and trying to win the top spot. Players are forced to use the manual transmission in this mode. To master the drag mode, players need to use good timing and reflection to increase gear shifting, redlining, overtaking, and nitrous oxide use. This is because the player is going to limit the engine to the tachometer during the race with special emphasis on observation that is stretched and located on the left side of the screen. In this mode the steering is easily facilitated to change lanes, while the computer manages the steering along the side of the lane and the player pays more attention to maintaining the optimal speed for the vehicle.

Two conditions will result in players being forfeited during a drag fight: a head-on collision with an opponent, an obstacle, a traffic car or a divider (being ‘rough’); Or engines resulting from prolonged redlining and subsequent overheating of the engine

Car Customization

The customization menu allows you to upgrade car, performance, visual, color, vinyl, neon, front side, gear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, hoods, exhaust, roof scoops and kits as desired. Players have the ability to increase their vehicle performance by applying performance upgrades to their vehicles. Players can improve their car’s engine, drive-train, suspension, tires, engine control unit (ECU) as well as add nitrous oxide, turbocharger and reduce the weight of the car (in the form of “weight loss package”).


The soundtrack of the game is a variety of licensed songs, mostly rap and hip hop, Nut Dog, TI, as well as Lil Zone and The Eastside Boys Guy, best known for playing the game’s theme song, Get Low Come. Some songs also include rock sung by artists like Static-X, Rob Jamba and LostProfit.


According to Electronic Arts, the need for speed: In mid-2004 7 million units were sold worldwide Underground was a commercial hit. 15 million copies were sold worldwide only underground game, and each console PS2’s Greatest Hits and Bigit Series, Xbox’s Platinum Hits, and GameCube’s Player Choice’s “Best Seller.”

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Need For Speed Underground : Best racing game all time

Need for Speed: Got a positive underground review. Game-Rankings and MetaCritic rated it at ৮ of.29% for PlayStation 2 versions and 75 out of 100, .7 of.7373% for GameCube versions and মধ্যে 100 out of 72.29% for The PC version has a score of 82, 81.76% for 100 and 83 out of 100 for Xbox version and 77.33% out of 100 for Game Boy Advanced version. Critics only complained that the repetitive tracks, unbalanced rubberband AI and lack of free roaming and damage to the game, were later limited to separating license plates from cars during collisions, especially during drag races.

In the UK, the official UK PlayStation 2 magazine PS2 edition scored nine out of ten and made up the bulk of the illegal nature of the gameplay. They all praised the speed, but said, “It’s another surprise in Hollywood, another Japanese driving game, Femetsu gave GameCube and the PS2 version two nights.” and two nines, taking Its score is 34 out of 40. As of July 2006, the underground version of the PlayStation 2 has sold 2.6 million copies and grossed $ 115 million in the United States alone.The PlayStation 2 Next Generation ranked it as the sixth best-selling game for gaming consoles, Xbox or GameCube (January 2000) and (July 2006). It was the best-selling Need for Speed ​​game published among dates in the United States. The PlayStation 2 version has received a “Double Platinum” sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), indicating that it has sold at least 600,000 copies in the UK. Presented underground with the “Racing Game of the Year” award, editors of Computer Gaming World. It may not be a conventional racing title like a NASCAR or F1 title, but no other game will make you feel GS at every moment like NSFU, they wrote.

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