Sleep is The main key issue for Health or fitness. Read This Tips


Sleep is The important for Health or fitness. Anytime fitness you can build on the planet fitenss.

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So I gave this post a little different So far I have given more importance to food and exercise Now rest and sleep 24 hour fitness, because sleep and rest can not say how important anytime fitness.

Our health and physical strength is one of the best blessings of Allah. In the hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said to take care of these five valuable assets before losing them. Health and fitness is one of them. If we do not rest completely, our body becomes weak. Therefore, one has to study in old age before coming of age and is prone to various diseases, even death. Because, our body is like an engine. Just as an engine becomes inoperable if it is running continuously, so it becomes ineffective even if the human body does not get the necessary rest.

We work all day, study, exercise, if we don’t get enough sleep at the right time, then physical and mental fitness will never be right.

Rabindranath Thakur says:

  • “The work of resting together with one another,
  • The part of the eye is like the leaf of the eye. ”

Nowadays, young people are far from sleeping 24 hour fitness at the right time, waking up at night seems to be the ideal lifestyle. Necessarily, and habitually, it is not a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s why getting enough sleep is important:

  • Sleep is closely linked to weight control and weight gain. Various studies have shown that those who sleep less have a lower BMI index than those who sleep more. Less sleep is associated with weight gain and not weight loss. We have two hormones in our body called Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is made from fat cells and its job is to suppress appetite and Ghrelin is made from stomach, its job is to satisfy hunger. la fitness!!
  • Ghrelin increases when sleep is low, resulting in increased appetite, overeating and weight gain, and leptin increases when sleep is just right, resulting in lower appetite and weight control. Moreover, the hormone called growth hormones released from the pituitary gland is more during sleep This hormone helps in muscle growth, which in turn increases metabolism. its important for anytime fitness.
  • The higher the metabolism, the more energy is consumed and the faster the weight is lost. By increasing digestion power Another hormone, Cortisol—, also known as the stress hormone, is more depleted when you sleep less, resulting in the body breaking down proteins into glucose, which in turn accumulates as glucose and body fat (la fitness) near me. This hormone reduces metabolism, prevents muscle growth. Adequate sleep is needed to prevent cortisol from growing.
  • Those who exercise, they can not exercise properly, if sleep is not good Especially for those who do exercises like body building and weight training, a proverb is very true: – “Rest and Repair” | Adequate sleep and rest are needed to repair the damage to our body’s muscles caused by exercise and to ensure muscle growth. During sleep, the muscle is repaired, because then the growth hormone is released Adequate sleep 24 hour fitness produces muscle, and even when we sleep, the production of growth hormone produces protein, if you eat protein-rich foods. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t want to exercise properly, so if you don’t sleep well the next day, you may stop exercising. la fitness!!
  • Our body’s immunity also depends on the amount and quality of daily sleep If the body’s immune system is not good, then various diseases, such as: cold, fever, gastric, heartburn, etc. can overwhelm you.
  • If the quality and amount of sleep is not enough for a long time, various difficult diseases can take place in the body. planet fitness near me : For example, heart disease can occur, the risk of stroke increases In addition, lack of sleep increases the body’s insulin levels, resulting in increased appetite Lack of sleep does not improve blood pressure, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, etc. Even chronic insomnia increases the risk of cancer.
  • Lack of sleep makes the body feel weak People who do physical work or sports need good sleep, because good sleep also provides physical strength. If you do not sleep, you feel tired all day.
  • Lack of sleep reduces digestive energy, digestion problems, metabolism decreases, sugar is stored in the body as fat without digestion.
  • Good sleep increases our work concentration, performance, memory, performance, brain capacity etc. Studies have shown that the damage that sleep does to our brain is similar to that of alcohol.
  • Sleep should be good to solve any problem, otherwise you will fall behind as the brain is not working properly. planet fitness near me : For example: students or those who work and do business, they can not concentrate on work if they do not sleep well In that case, if you do not sleep well, then you will not be able to work properly all day As a result, it affects thinking power, attention, memory, brain function, problem solving, decision making ability and time, positivist, etc.
  • When sleep is low and not good, mood is irritable, work cannot be focused, work quality is not good. A 2002 survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that 21% of people with sleep problems were unhappy in life, 12% were generally angry, 50% could not maintain good relationships with other people, and 70% could not be patient. Because, sleep and our mood are controlled by the same brain chemicals. So if sleep is good, his physical strength and mind will be fine !planet fitness near me.
  • Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post says: Lack of sleep increases stress hormones, which in turn affects our mood. As a result, people become less angry, upset or depressed. About 90% of those who sleep less suffer from depression. Sleeping disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea can lead to depression. Anytime fitness In addition to depression, sleep deprivation can affect the way you interact with others So good sleep will help you to be a good and healthy person anytime fitness.
  • If you don’t sleep properly, you will not look lively and lively, your lack of sleep will show in your face. Lack of sleep can make the skin of the face look dirty, acne on the face, ink under the eyes, hair loss problems, etc. So 8 hours of deep sleep at night is called beauty sleep. Because this time of rest repairs your whole body, so deep and adequate sleep |

Studies have shown that an adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night The National Sleep Foundation recommends 8-9 hours of sleep a day for an adult. anytime fitness.

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